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  • May a notary public accept the sworn testimony of a person who witnessed a signature in lieu of the signer being present for the notarization?

    No. Although some states may allow a notarization based upon such sworn testimony, Florida does not. Some notaries mistakenly believe that they may call the signer on the telephone to verify the signature and then proceed with the notarization. Florida law prohibits a notary from notarizing any signature if the signer is not present at the time of the notarization.... [More]

  • What is an unnotarized oath?

    In a 1993 case, the Florida Supreme Court addressed the issue of "unnotarized oaths." State v. Shearer, 617 So.2d (Fla. App. 5 Dist. 1993). This case may significantly affect the role of notaries in Florida because it recognized an acceptable alternative oath that may be used for verified or sworn written documents.... [More]

  • What should I do if a person produces identification with a name different from the name being signed?

    In some instances, individuals may need to sign a document with their former name after making the necessary updates to their identification cards. A classic situation arises when a woman changes her name after marriage and has to sign a document, such as a warranty deed, in her former name.... [More]

  • Florida Governor's Reference Manual for Notaries

    The Florida Governor's Reference Manual for Notaries has been prepared to educate Florida notaries about the laws governing their duties and is not intended as legal advice. For additional information or for difficult situations, it may be advisable for you or your customer to seek the advice of a licensed attorney.... [More]