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Information, questions & answers relating to Signing Agent work. See also General Notary Public Information.

 Knowledge Base Index : General Signing Agent Information
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  • Witness Requirements for Deeds and Mortgages

    List of states that require witnesses on documents that convey property ownership (e.g., deeds) and/or security instruments (e.g., Mortgages and Deeds of Trust).... [More]

  • General Information about this Knowledge Base

    What is a Knowledge Base?... [More]

  • HUD-1: Escrow Account - Aggregate Adjustment

    An aggregate adjustment  determines the total amount of money placed in a borrower's escrow account at closing. The aggregate adjustment works to ensure that the borrower's escrow account maintains the necessary balance throughout the year; particularly when taxes and insurance are paid. Typically, the adjustment is a negative amount to reduce the cushion to the allowable maximum.... [More]