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Why do loan packages require TWO forms of ID?

As a NOTARY, you must follow your notarial laws, practices and procedures as provided by your state. Most states either explicitly state what form of ID is required (usually only one) or vaguely state that the notary must rely on 'satisfactory evidence'. That takes care of the few documents that require notarization, and only the notarization of the signature(s) is covered by notarial laws.

The second job is that of a SIGNING AGENT (for lack of a better term). As a signing agent, you must follow the practices and procedures of the lender and title company. Many lenders and/or title companies require two (2) forms of identification. Even though your state may only require one form for notarizing a signature, the two forms are required for executing the documents in the loan package by the borrower(s).

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Date Created June 10, 2009
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